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Solar Energy for All Your Domestic Needs

Make the "Shift" to Solar

Shift Solar - a division of Shift Innovation - specializes in designing and installing high-end solar and backup power solutions for domestic customers using technology from the world's leading renewable energy brands.


Custom Solutions for Your Home, Lifestyle and Budget

Shift Solar has the ability to create customized solar and backup power solutions to meet your unique power needs.

We offer the flexibilty to design and implement solutions ranging from hybrid systems (incorporating solar, inverter, and/or generator to reduce your dependence on the grid) to completely off-the-grid solutions for clients looking to be fully self-sustainable.

Flexible Financing To Help You Take Back Your Power

Shift Solar has extensive experience helping clients to structure and secure financing to manage and offset the cost of switching to renewable solar power production.

We are proud to be an Accredited Installation Partner to Solar Africa - a major finance house.


World-Class Products and Trusted Service

With over 50 years of experience, we have built a reputation on delivering installations and maintenance that meets the highest standards of efficiency and safety compliance.

Shift Solar sources and supplies technology from the world’s leading renewable energy manufacturers - we are Accredited Installers of Victron New Energy as well as Kaco products (among many others).

Put your power in your hands -

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