Rethink wastewater management

Innovative Wastewater Treatment for Safe Water Recycling and Maximum Cost Savings.

What is Waterbase?

Waterbase is an ecological wastewater treatment system that is built underground. It is placed close to where wastewater is generated. Because of this, expensive sewer systems are no longer required.

The outstanding reliability and the high-quality treatment results make Waterbase a safe source of reclaimed water, especially for irrigation in landscaping.


Who Uses Waterbase®?

Waterbase is a highly customizable wastewater treatment technology. Primarily it is used for hotels, single residential houses, clusters of houses and even suburbs.

The system’s innovative design offers real-estate developers, urban planners, engineers and architects new possibilities of integrating sustainable water management in their projects.

Approved Technology Redesigned

Waterbase was developed based on our team’s vast experience with ecological wastewater treatment plants. In close cooperation with leading German universities we’ve reshaped the most efficient and stable wastewater treatment processes.

With its patent pending multi-level design, Waterbase radically reduces the footprint of natural wastewater treatment technology. For the first time, Waterbase brings constructed wetland technology to built-up areas with little space availability.


Massive Cost Savings

Using Waterbase to treat wastewater close to the point of use, expensive sewer lines and large centralized sewage treatment plants are rendered unnecessary. At a fraction of the costs of conventional technologies, Waterbase reaches outstanding water treatment quality and unrivalled reliability.

Waterbase reduces investment costs by up to 50% as compared to conventional technologies. Regarding running costs, savings reach up to 80% thanks to the system’s stunningly low energy consumption and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Waterbase® Is Invisible

Waterbase is the first ecological wastewater treatment system that can be installed entirely underground under roads, sidewalks, parking spaces or median strips – without using up valuable land.

The highly adaptable system seamlessly integrates into its environment, thus making sustainable water management even available for urban applications.


Waterbase® Enables Water Reuse

Green up your project and improve water availability with Waterbase’s unique water recycling features.

With its excellent treatment quality, Waterbase allows for safe reuse of the treated water for non-drinking purposes. If used in public landscaping, up to 100% of irrigation water demand can be replaced by high-quality reclaimed water – enabling new options for upgrading outdoor facilities.

Waterbase® Can Communicate

Waterbase comes with an intelligent remote monitoring and control system that ensures smooth operation at any time. It allows operators to check the status of one or more monitored Waterbase-plants at a glance, providing real-time sensor data.

Using the remote monitoring and control system, maintenance service is only done when really necessary.


Waterbase® Is Internationally Approved

Waterbase the South African Sanitation Technology Evaluation Programme (SASTEP) - an initiative funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), with the Water Research Commission (WRC) providing programme implementation and support services.

WRC Logo Solo.jpg

In addition, Waterbase® has been backed by the following international agencies:

  • The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • EXIST - the support programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

  • The Eu­ro­pean So­cial Fund (ESF) in Germany

  • The European Union's Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • EIT Climate-KIC: a European innovation community, working towards a climate-resilient society


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